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Moderator for Manga section Empty Moderator for Manga section

Post by metalslugx on Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:53 am

we're looking for moderator in charge of manga section. If you think you're good enough please include your details.

Pirate King
Pirate King

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Moderator for Manga section Empty I can do that

Post by Scyther on Tue Apr 22, 2008 3:57 am

Dunno If I should put myself into here..!!
I am already a Roleplaying Moderator for a website :, concerned with One Piece..!

I would like to become a Super Moderator, rather than be a Manga Moderator...

Moreover..I would like to have some people on my website too...
Bounty: $1
Bounty: $1

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