Rules Of The Forum!Please Read!!

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Rules Of The Forum!Please Read!! Empty Rules Of The Forum!Please Read!!

Post by metalslugx on Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:50 am

After setting everything up...i think its time to post up some rulez.

#1 the forum is open for everyone over 13. please be civilized !!

#2 Use proper english. try to avoid using shortform you use in SMSing.

#3 If u were to post up a topic reply or a new topic please post in the right category. try not to post OFF-TOPIC. Off-Topic users will be warned and post will be deleted (informed)

#4 Promoting drugs, suicide, self-harm,etc. is not allowed. Posts containing this will be deleted

These rules can change without prior notice.We hope you can cooperate with us. have fun posting!!

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